People Who Are Against Commercials And Advertisements

If you want to go through some commercials, why not just watch TV in your living rooms?

This is a common battle cry for people who are against commercials and advertisements shown in cinemas. And it’s very understandable why people would take a stand against this.

After all, these people paid to watch a movie, not to go through a string of commercials and feeling a lack of control about the situation.

Because here’s the thing: if you’re at home watching a movie or a game and a commercial comes on, your natural tendency would be to switch to a different channel and then switch back to continue enjoying what you’re watching right? In cinemas, you have no such option. You’ll have to sit through the commercial and watch it run through its entirety.

From a marketing standpoint, showing adverts in cinemas is a very good move. This is because there is an assurance of 100% exposure to a large group of people for the limited amount of time that it runs.

From a business standpoint on the cinema’s side, showing commercials is a way of gaining more money for the establishment as marketing companies or manufacturers who want their adverts shown have to pay x amount of money to allow the commercial to play.

But here’s the thing: commercials, no matter how short they are, still takes time. And if you have a string of commercials playing one after the other, that compounds to a lot of time. And some viewers who just came in to watch the movies get to see their time taken away from them, literally in front of their own two eyes!

So now, instead of just having a 2 hour long movie to watch, you’ll have to extend for 30 minutes or so for the trailers and commercials to run its course. That’s still 30 minutes of your time gone for a product you may or may not purchase or use in the near future.

One thing these manufacturers or marketers should consider is the time they take away from the viewing public. There must be other ways for them to market their products without shoving themselves into the throats of moviegoers all over the world.

What if you have to go somewhere important but you’re torn between finishing the movie (which started late because of commercials) or leaving to attend to more important matters?

What if the product shown isn’t something you totally agree on or you simply can’t buy it or need it? You’ll still have to watch it completely even if you’re not part of their target demographic.

What if you simply do not like commercials at all?

The only way to stop it is to speak up. The more people that speak out against it, the better chances there are of having some real change coming about.

It’s not an absurd request and these big companies should realize that there are some things that have to remain untainted by their capitalistic greed. Going to the movies is supposed to be a momentary escape from the outside world. These adverts are ruining the whole experience!

You paid for a ticket to watch the show, and the amount you paid should enough to keep Cinemas afloat without having to depend on these big companies.

On a final note, each and every one of us is responsible for making some change happen. Let’s start with openly complaining about commercials being shown before you get to enjoy the show you’ve been waiting for. With enough people raising a fuss, these marketers or manufacturers will have to find another way to bring attention to their products from the buying public.

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