Where To Buy Dresses Like You See In Movies

Just like cocktail dresses designed for cocktails, prom dresses are meant to be worn on your prom night and come in different styles to suite different personalities. Finding prom dresses should not be a daunting task especially since they are popularly worn dresses and there are several retailers of such clothing. However, not all offers you get will meet your requirements for quality and style. For a prom night, you need to look more than amazing and personalize the appeal to stand out of the crowd. There is no option for buying sub-standard dresses that will not give your best. Fortunately, reliable retailers of top quality prom dresses have various hallmarking attributes you can use to distinguish them from others. Once you know what to look for, you can easily distinguish the retailers that offer best prom dresses 2017.

Tips on how to select your 2017 prom dress

White dressAs aforementioned, many stores offer prom dresses and promotion only gets more intense with the prom night fast approaching. When looking for such dresses, it is important to review both the company and the product (dress). The first step is to identify your unique requirements and what fits your style. There are several styles and cuts available from trendy to casual, vibrant, sexy and elegant. It is important to know your body type and places you want to accentuate or conceal.

  • Select your style – Prom dresses 2017 come in different styles including the renowned crochet-inspired 2 piece sleeveless design, portrait neckline with regal stones, frothy hi/low 2 piece organza skirt, nude illusion and racer back among many more. All you need to do is sort through the available list of styles and pick one that suite your body type and personality. Prom is also an opportunity to try out a new dress and cut that you have never worn before.
  • Look into the quality aspects – Prom dresses should reflect class (sophistication) and this requires them to feature top quality characteristics. It is important to make sure you buy quality durable dresses that will last a long time. If you have noticed, some people show up in prom dresses their parents wore back in their prom days. This is enough encouragement to get ultimate quality dresses. Most reputable retailers will offer quality guarantees to ensure you get the standard you requested.
  • Retailer reputation – It is advisable to shop from credible licensed and reputable retailers that are known to provide the best prom dresses in the area. Such retailers usually have a good reputation and are highly reviewed by their customers. To gauge reputation, look through user reviews, comments, complaints and testimonials. Unreliable retailers will often have more negative reviews and complaints surrounding their services and products.
  • Buy in time for the event – Prom is more like the last day you have with your high school peers and while it may be several weeks before the d-day arrives, it is always recommendable to buy as soon as possible. Retailers know there will be a great demand for prom dresses in the coming weeks and prices are only poised to shoot up. What’s more, there are some days lost to logistics and delivery, which is more reason to buy your dress early enough. If you have any complains and issues with the dress, you can get it replaced in time for your prom.
  • Compare several offers – Shopping online gives you the opportunity to view numerous options without leaving your seat. You can sort through different retail stores and see what offer they have. Before making your final decision, review all the above features and then compare the prices to gain competitive advantage. Some retails offer incredible discounts and promo codes to help you save up extra bucks. You can also look for insights from your friends or seniors who stole the prom the previous years.


There are many other minor things to consider when in search of a prom dress. You can always start by browsing what top providers like Terani Couture have especially since they focus primarily on prom dresses, then search for more offers. It is worth noting that even the most reputable retailer will still offer products with a varying range in both design and quality. You should therefore carefully evaluate each offer differently and make sure they meet your requirements before spending money.

Online Fake Doctor’s Notes Exposed

Sometimes, work can be draining. Everyone deserves a break from work every once in a while, usually more often than bosses allow. Luckily, there are many ways to beat the system. Some of the may not be entirely legal, but they work just as well. One such way is to use fake doctor’s notes. These are exceedingly easy to obtain, and they work exceptionally well. You can get fake notes from many sites on the internet. However, be cautious about using free fake doctor’s notes as more often than not, it is easy to tell that they are fakes.

Benefits of using quality fake doctor’s notes

  1. Forged doctor's noteConvenience – Sometimes, you may be genuinely sick and urgently need to take a day off from work. However, the thought of making it to the doctor’s and waiting for hours in order to get a slip of paper excusing you from work can be exhausting on its own. At other times, you simply want a legitimate reason to be away from work, but as you know, no doctor will excuse you from work if you are not unwell. That is where fake notes come in handy. They can bail you out of tight situations, and save you plenty of time and energy.
  2. Easy to make – If you choose to use fake doctor’s notes, take great care to obtain them only from reliable sites. Any site worth its salt will have notes that can be easily printed. Typically, all you need to do is download the note, edit it to suit your specific situation and then print it from the comfort of your home. Nothing spells easy better. However, be very careful how you customize your note. Remember that whatever you fill in the note will go to your records, so make sure you come up with a plausible story. Also, master your story by heart, in case any questions are thrown your way about your apparent illness. All in all, fake doctor’s notes are remarkably easy to make, which makes them a viable option for when you need a day off work.
  3. Guaranteed to work – Quality fake doctor’s notes are the exact replica of what a real doctor’s note would look like. No one can really tell the difference between the two, unless it is someone who is extraordinarily keen. A lot of work goes into creating these notes, such as research on how doctors across the globe usually make these notes. The fakes are plausible in every sense of the word. Thus, you can rest assured that the recipient of the note will accept it without raising any eyebrows. Just be careful where you get the notes from. In case you can be able to tell that the note is a fake, or if the note looks suspicious to you in any way, refrain from using it. If you can tell that it is not legitimate, what are the chances that the recipient won’t?
  4. Surprised physicianMoney back guarantee – Another advantage that comes with using fake doctor’s notes is that they often come with a money back guarantee if they don’t work. Therefore, in the unlikely event that your note is discovered to be a fake, you can always return it and get your money back. In fact, some websites are willing to pay you more money if you can show them what a real note from your doctor looks like. Thus, when using a fake doctor’s notes, you have nothing to lose.
  5. Variety – Additionally, most sites that make fake doctor’s notes usually offer a variety of notes to choose from. That way, you do not have to use the same note over and over again whenever you need a day or week away from work. Repetitively using the same excuse to get away from work is one of the surest ways to get caught, and you want to avoid that by all means. The repercussions can be rather nasty. That is why it comes highly recommended to get the best fake doctor’s notes from bestfakedoctorsnotes.net.


Getting fake doctor’s notes is about the easiest thing to do. As long as you obtain them from a respectable site, you are sure to pass undetected. Even better is the fact that you can use the notes for as long as you wish, and as frequently as you want. Just be sure to be discreet with your work, and to keep the information to yourself. You do not want a coworker to one day use the information as blackmail against you.

Toyota Local Advertising: Social Media vs TV Ads

Let's go placesToyota’s recent advertising campaigns have increasingly focused on locally targeted advertising, first tested by the company with their “Let’s Go Places” campaign.

Still the slogan in use in their advertising today, the campaign is designed to invite people to be more curious in their everyday lives, by jumping in their Camry or Corolla and exploring the world around them.

A typical TV ad for this campaign shows the Toyota Camry leaving a suburban driveway for adventures in San Francisco, New Orleans, and other picturesque and exciting locations all over the USA. The voice-over reminds us that “it’s all one road”, emphasizing the idea that your car gives you the freedom to explore wherever you wish to travel.

While the mainstream television advertising targets the broader US market, Toyota have chosen to customize their online advertising to be more relevant and specific to the area in which it is viewed.

Toyota’s Focus on Local Targeting

Toyota has always been one of the pioneering brands to experiment with geographically targeted and mobile advertising, led by their experienced ad agency, Saatchi and Saatchi LA.

One of their earlier successful local ads in 2014 used a customized dynamic mobile ad that was only shown to people in the market for a new car.

Using available geographic data, the banner updated in real time based on consumer location to show relevant offers and information specific to the dealership in their area such as the Kansas City, Missouri dealership www.adamstoyota.com.

Adams Toyota Kansas City

This campaign was the first time an automotive brand had used this kind of dynamic mobile advertising and was very successful, with a 44% increase in intended response, compared to traditional, non-responsive advertising.

Snapchat Local Ads and Geo-filters

Toyota was the first automotive brand to use the Snapchat localized live story feature, purchasing ads on the popular social networking app targeting Los Angeles.

The live story tied in with the accompanying television ads, inspiring Snapchatters to get into their cars and out into the world.

A year later in August 2016, a filter was also made available, which offered a VIP pass to a popup concert at Lollapalooza.

Snapchatters visiting the Toyota-sponsored festival were invited to use the filter in three different locations including the main stage and the Toyota Music Den. Users who swiped left on their selfies were then rewarded with a VIP pass to a secret show with Leon Bridges.

The geo filter achieved over 50,000 views during the three hours that it ran, even though it was not promoted beforehand. Toyota was so impressed with the results that they are planning to repeat the model in future festivals and events, and possibly longer term as part of the overall marketing campaign.

Toyota 2017 Snapchat Ad

Toyota’s use of live stories has evolved since its first attempt. The brand is moving away from trying to replicate traditional TV advertising with panoramic shots of cars driving in scenic locations and inspirational voice-overs, and is instead attempting to emulate the rougher user-generated content that is more commonly seen on Snapchat.

For example, one of the live stories published during the Lollapalooza event featured a fake reporter broadcasting from various locations around the festival.

Another example of a recent successful and innovative Toyota Snapchat campaign collaborated with popular Latin hip-hop artists, who were nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards in May 2016. The campaign required users to follow the artists accounts and place three smartphones side by side in order to experience the complete Snapchat story in its entirety.

Once lined up, Snapchat users were able to watch the artists moving around the screens, appearing to step out of their own accounts and into other Snapchat channels. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid was pictured behind the artists in each scene to tie in the overall idea behind the campaign to “step out of your comfort zone”.

Snapchat ad

Toyota is keen to continue collaborations with influencers on Snapchat as a way to both engage with a larger audience, and to learn how to use the platform more effectively. Popular Snapchat users already know the type of content that is popular with their followers and this information can be used to the advantage of big brands like Toyota.

Google Localized Advertising

Alongside the first Snapchat live stories targeted at San Francisco locals, Toyota also invested in Google advertising with automatically customized banner ads that were targeted with city-specific information for 15,000 cities across the USA, including Kansas City.

The banner ads tied into the “Let’s Go Places” strapline of the marketing campaign by suggesting places to visit locally such as restaurants and museums. They were created with the help of a new API written for Google Places.

The idea behind the banners was to combat so-called “banner blindness”, where web users ignore advertising banners because they are seen so frequently online, by drawing their attention. The theory being that users seeing landmarks and references to their local area would be more likely to click the ad out of curiosity.

The API also used Google’s sophisticated user-targeted advertising to serve local banner ads specific to the viewers own likes and preferences. Those who had a history of searches for art and culture topics might be served a banner ad recommending a local museum or art gallery, while those who frequented food blogs and online food delivery services would be more likely to be shown advertising featuring eateries in the area.

Customized Facebook Advertising

Facebook adOne of the most recent methods of localized advertising Toyota has been experimenting with is their latest Facebook ad campaign, which involved a staggering 100,000 versions of the same ad, customized for individual user location and interests.

The campaign, launched in November 2016 used 100 interchangeable video clips showcasing the RAV4 Hybrid. Three of these video clips were combined to create each advert using Facebook insights to gain knowledge about each individual user’s location and interests.

Advertising and Localization Moving Forward

As Toyota’s advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi LA, has invested so much into localized ad strategies over the last few years, it seems safe to say that the experimentation has paid off and that this type of advertising is proving to be very successful for Toyota.

With an increasing number of users accessing the internet primarily through their mobile devices, and localization technology becoming more advanced, there are likely to be even more opportunities for brands to use advertising in a laser targeted way for each individual consumer.

People Who Are Against Commercials And Advertisements

If you want to go through some commercials, why not just watch TV in your living rooms?

This is a common battle cry for people who are against commercials and advertisements shown in cinemas. And it’s very understandable why people would take a stand against this.

After all, these people paid to watch a movie, not to go through a string of commercials and feeling a lack of control about the situation.

Because here’s the thing: if you’re at home watching a movie or a game and a commercial comes on, your natural tendency would be to switch to a different channel and then switch back to continue enjoying what you’re watching right? In cinemas, you have no such option. You’ll have to sit through the commercial and watch it run through its entirety.

From a marketing standpoint, showing adverts in cinemas is a very good move. This is because there is an assurance of 100% exposure to a large group of people for the limited amount of time that it runs.

From a business standpoint on the cinema’s side, showing commercials is a way of gaining more money for the establishment as marketing companies or manufacturers who want their adverts shown have to pay x amount of money to allow the commercial to play.

But here’s the thing: commercials, no matter how short they are, still takes time. And if you have a string of commercials playing one after the other, that compounds to a lot of time. And some viewers who just came in to watch the movies get to see their time taken away from them, literally in front of their own two eyes!

So now, instead of just having a 2 hour long movie to watch, you’ll have to extend for 30 minutes or so for the trailers and commercials to run its course. That’s still 30 minutes of your time gone for a product you may or may not purchase or use in the near future.

One thing these manufacturers or marketers should consider is the time they take away from the viewing public. There must be other ways for them to market their products without shoving themselves into the throats of moviegoers all over the world.

What if you have to go somewhere important but you’re torn between finishing the movie (which started late because of commercials) or leaving to attend to more important matters?

What if the product shown isn’t something you totally agree on or you simply can’t buy it or need it? You’ll still have to watch it completely even if you’re not part of their target demographic.

What if you simply do not like commercials at all?

The only way to stop it is to speak up. The more people that speak out against it, the better chances there are of having some real change coming about.

It’s not an absurd request and these big companies should realize that there are some things that have to remain untainted by their capitalistic greed. Going to the movies is supposed to be a momentary escape from the outside world. These adverts are ruining the whole experience!

You paid for a ticket to watch the show, and the amount you paid should enough to keep Cinemas afloat without having to depend on these big companies.

On a final note, each and every one of us is responsible for making some change happen. Let’s start with openly complaining about commercials being shown before you get to enjoy the show you’ve been waiting for. With enough people raising a fuss, these marketers or manufacturers will have to find another way to bring attention to their products from the buying public.